America's Two Best Business Projects

 America's Two Best Business Projects

Recognize the most successful and profitable projects you can create in America.

Many wonders: Are there any special projects in America? And what's the best business in America?

1. Day Care Nursery Project

Many people know that the daycare project is a guaranteed success, low-cost and secure future project. However, it also requires care and precision because you deal with the child's number one value in American society.

What do you need to open Day Care?

You need a commercial or residential house equipped with minor nursery equipment. It would be best if you had a nursery manager who must have specific qualifications, including a degree with a total of at least 6 child care points with a year's experience in nursery care. Of course, these specifications can be obtained, and it is also possible to appoint a director other than one or two years with these qualifications until you receive them yourself. 

You also need approval from a particular government department called DFPS. They're the ones who are going to be on the site, and they're going to be setting specifications and making periodic visits to make sure you follow the laws. The fees are effortless, and you're going to need one or two employees, depending on the size of the daycare. Maybe you're going to need a transport car if you want to move the children after the classes and open after school program (AFP).

That's pretty much the stuff you're going to need on the project. Now we come to the important thing: what will be inside the daycare?

People living in America know that a day's wages per child of at least $25 means that if you have a minimum of 20 children, the daily income will be $500, which means that a month will be $10000 after deducting expenses and employees' salaries will often increase from $3000- $4000.

As a result, the project is worth it, but it needs someone with childcare experience who is cautious about dealing with the children because any fault or malfunction of Care will lead to the closure of the Day Care.

2. Investing in Real Estate

At first, you have to understand the difference between a real state in the Arab countries and a real state in America? For example, in the Arab countries, if you have a house, you have one thing that's value, whereas in America, when you have a real state, you have two things.

The first thing is its value. 

The second thing is the credit! What does it mean? It means when you have a home worth, like, 80,000 dollars, you have the house's value, and you also have something else, the house debentures, through which you can get a home-value loan without selling it.   

What do I get? Well, I'll explain it to you in a simple way, and I'll show you the things that will benefit from it.

Right now, real estate prices are meager. For example, in Texas, within the city of Dallas or Fort Worth, you can buy a home with three rooms, a garden, and a decent home in a good area for $75,000, and you can find something cheaper at this price if you're looking for a home that needs maintenance.

This house you can rent very easily and very quickly because the rental market in America is very efficient because most people can't buy.

And you can rent the house for at least $100,000, of course, based on the region and the states, because prices vary from state to state, and many people will tell you that you've frozen $75,500 for $1,000 a month, and that's mean nothing on the world of trade.

But you didn't freeze it because you could buy another house with the first house guarantee, and you could also buy a third house with the second house guarantee, and so on.

On the other hand, you're going to have critical financial imports of rent, through which you're going to pay the loan premiums, which are currently tending to decline and have little interest, so you're going to get a good amount a month, and at the same time you're going to have existing homes, and their value is there.

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